A 240 volt double pole pressure switch designed to control water pumps.  The pipe fitting is 1/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread Tapered). 

Adjustable 40-60psi

Preset on pressure: 40 psi/ the contacts close at this pressure to send power to the motor/ pump.

Preset off pressure: 60 psi/ the contacts open at this pressure to shut power off to the motor/ pump.

Adjustable pressure: Instructions are under the lid of the pressure switch on how to adjust pressure.

Max pressure: 80 psi

Min pressure: 20 psi

At 230 volt single phase it will handle 2 hp (approximately 1500w),

Main Feature:

Color: Grey shell
Material: Plastic shell & pressed steel frame

Package contains one (1)1 x Pressure Control Switch

Water Pump Pressure Control Switch